3 Pieces Canvas Cotton Shopping Bags/ Tote Bags/Beach Bags/ Teacher Bags/Eco Friendly Bags

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Cotton Canvas Bags

These reusable and Biodegradable grocery/tote beach bags are durable and designed to last for years. providing a sustainable alternative tosingle use plastic bags and the "NEW REUSABLE SHOPPING BAGS" that are now being pushed on the market as reusable. However, these reusable bags are not biodegradable. Any bag made of plastic, polyester, nylon, non-woven polypropylene are in fact plastic and not biodegradable.These will pollute our waters, landfills and harm our natural wild life and food source. Our bags are made of biodegradable cotton canvas and will not harm our ecosystem.

  • You get (3) - 6 oz. Natural cotton canvas bags with reinforced matching handles.
  • Dimensions: 12'W x 13"H x 8"D (bottom gusset)
  • For 1 order (3 bags) pick 1
  • For 2 orders (6 bags) pick 2
  • For 3 orders (9 bags) pick 3