About Us

That's A Buy is a Family run business. We have children preteen to adult with children.

Yes, we're grandparents. Young ones. At least, we feel that way!

Our business goals are simple; find interesting and creative ways to enjoy what is truly important in life ... FAMILY. 

We started 31 years ago as Quick Response Promotions (QRP). QRP designs and creates promotional products for numerous business. Many items are produced here in the USA. We do have sourcing capabilities across the globe, for larger ongoing marketing efforts.  

In 2006, we began taking family memories in the form of pictures, slides, video tapes film and audio tapes and converted them to digital libraries.

From there we created custom video montages and photo books to preserve and share these memories.

In an effort to create new and more interesting ways to enjoy our family and friends, we delved into the world of on demand digital imaging. With this new technology, we have been able to offer custom personalized images on virtually any substrate and item. From as little as one piece at a time to many thousands.

With the help of QRP's sourcing arm, we purchase our products in bulk and offer you, the consumer, products at very reasonable prices.

At That's A Buy, we take pride in each and every project like it is our own.

Whether you need personal memories converted to digital images, a video montage or custom personalized gifts for a party, event, wedding, birthday or memorial, we enjoy helping make these times memorable.

Let's preserve memories together,

Lorraine Grasmann